Audi S6 Avant 450i AT AWD

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Engine 4.0 TFSI
Type of engine ICE
Type of fuel Gasoline
Displacement, cc 3993
Cylinders location V-shaped
Number of cylinders 8
Valves 32
Turbo +
Power, hp 450
Revolutions max. Power, vol. / min. 5800-6400
torque Nm 550
Revolutions max. points, vol. / min. 1400-5700
The maximum speed, km / h. 250
Acceleration (0-100 km / h), with 4.6
Fuel consumption (urban cycle), l. 100 km 13.4
Fuel consumption (urban), l. 100 km 7.1
Fuel consumption (combined), l. 100 km 9.4
The rate of toxicity Euro VI
Seats 5
Length mm 4942
Width 1874
Height mm 1436
Wheelbase mm 2917
Front track, mm 1615
Rear track, mm 1607
The equipped weight, kg 2035
Total weight, kg 2590
Cargo Volume, L 565
Fuel tank, l 75
Transmission 7-S tronic
Automatic transmission +
Gearbox Robot 2 clutch
Number of gears 7
The company PPC VAG
Country PPC Germany
Drive Full
Type Drive Quattro
Type of front suspension Multi-link
Rear suspension Mnongorychazhnaya
Brake system
The front brakes Ventilated discs
Rear brakes Ventilated discs
Power steering Electromechanical
Disc diameter 19
Tires 255/40R19