Lamborghini Lamborghini Huracan EVO Spyder 5.2i (640 h.p.) 7-car LDF 4x4

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Engine 5.2i
Type of engine ICE
Type of fuel Gasoline
Displacement, cc 4998
Cylinders location V-shaped
Number of cylinders 10
Valves 40
Compression 12.7
Power, hp 640
Revolutions max. Power, vol. / min. 8000
torque Nm 600
Revolutions max. points, vol. / min. 6500
Dynamics and consumption
The maximum speed, km / h. 325
Acceleration (0-100 km / h), with 3.1
Fuel consumption (combined), l. 100 km 14.1
Seats 2
Length mm 4520
Width 2236
Width (without mirrors) mm 1933
Height mm 1180
Wheelbase mm 2620
Front track, mm 1668
Rear track, mm 1620
The equipped weight, kg 1542
Box and drive
Transmission 7-car LDF
Automatic transmission +
Gearbox 2 clutch robot
Number of gears 7
The company PPC Lamborghini
Country PPC Italy
Drive Full