Lexus IS 300h 300h AT

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Engine 2.5h
Engine code 2AR-FSE
Type of engine Hybrid
Type of fuel Gasoline
Displacement, cc 2494
Cylinders location inline
Number of cylinders 4
Valves 16
Compression 13.0
Power, hp 223
EV-mode +
Number of motors 1
Power electric motor HP 143
the motor torque Nm 300
Engine power, hp 181
Revolutions max. Engine power, vol. / min. 6000
the engine torque, Nm 221
Revolutions max. engine torque, vol. / min. 4200-5400
The maximum speed, km / h. 200
Acceleration (0-100 km / h), with 8.4
Fuel consumption (urban cycle), l. 100 km 4.3
Fuel consumption (urban), l. 100 km 4.6
Fuel consumption (combined), l. 100 km 4.6
The rate of toxicity Euro V
Transmission E-CVT
Automatic transmission +
Gearbox CVT
Drive Rear